Our corporate culture is based on a set of values that inform everything we do. A set of shared and well internalised values is a good way to build a corporate culture and develop a working community. Our values are: “An appreciative and inspiring work community” and “A capable and responsible partner”. 

An appreciative and inspiring work community

Genuinely excited about our work. The spark of excitement catches on amongst ourselves and our customers and cooperation partners alike.

Motivated experts are our resource. We value and respect one another and our work. Respect is shown in support, attentiveness, and equal treatment. Experience in working together is important to us.

Interest is sparked by meaningful work and shared goals.

Capable and responsible partner

We deepen our versatile expertise continuously and learn from each other. We participate strongly in the development of the procurement industry – we share our talent with our partners.

We promote national and international sustainability goals with long-term commitment. We challenge ourselves as a pathfinder of social responsibility. We support our customers and encourage our suppliers to be responsible.

We act reliably and compliantly. We want to be our customers’ best partner in public procurement.