Procurement Info

Joint procurement

Joint procurement refers to framework agreements and dynamic purchasing systems through which our customers can purchase products and services. Joint procurement generates considerable savings for public administration.

Framework agreements

Please learn more about our wide selection of framework arrangements!

Framework Agreement

By means of framework agreements, our customers can procure products and services without organising a public tendering process of their own. Customers join the framework agreements in advance, before Hansel published an invitation for tenders.

Dynamic Purchasing System

A dynamic purchasing systems (DPS) provides your procurement with a functional framework and flexibility to suit your needs. Both customers and suppliers can join DPS throughout its duration.

Small Scale Procurement

Procurement below the national threshold of EUR 60,000 can be made through Hansel’s small-scale procurement service. In our digital small-scale procurement service you can send invitations to tender to the participating suppliers quickly and flexibly.

Corporate responsibility

We seek to lead the way in responsible procurement. The very purpose of Hansel's operations – generating savings for the government – is responsible in itself.