Framework Agreements

Framework Agreements

Framework agreements enable easy and safe procurement. With framework agreements our customers, central government bodies, can purchase goods and services without holding their own public tenders. Our agreements also ensure that the procurement process complies with legislation. Our customers can use framework agreements free of charge.

We have approximately 70 framework agreements, which cover most products and services your organisation will need. Our customers use the framework agreements mostly in areas such as electricity, occupational health services and information technology. However, our product range extends much further, to services such as travel, IT consulting, office supplies and marketing communications.

The purpose of framework agreements is to generate savings for central government. Our customers' procurement processes become easier when the need to invite tenders for specific products is eliminated. Since we are responsible for the administration and development of framework agreements, our customers also make resource savings. In addition, we manage the quality and pricing of the product range during the agreement period.

Responsible central purchasing

We carry out responsible procurement in all competitive tenders. We award Hansel's own ecolabel to framework agreements, which meet our environmental criteria, defined separately for each framework agreement.

Our framework agreements automatically comply with the central government corporate responsibility criteria and guidance. For more information about our corporate responsibility actions, see our 2016 Corporate Responsibility Report.