Digitalisation of the procurement process

A new Public Procurement Directive was approved by the European Parliament in January 2014, requiring all public procurements to be opened to tenders electronically after a transition period of around two years. Hansel is preparing a solution for an electronic tendering system for use by the whole government. The electronic solution will be adopted first by Hansel internally, after which its use will be rolled out to customers.

Many benefits

Digitisation of the procurement process offers many benefits for customers and suppliers alike.

  • increase efficiency by reducing the administrative burden

  • increase transparency, which may reduce the number of disputes

  • make it easier for SME’s to take part in public procurement tendering processes

  • boost government efficiency by digitising all stages of the procurement process

The electronic procurement solution supports the government’s procurement units in the tendering process. The units will be able to make use of ready-made forms and formerly identified best practices to enhance their procurement competence. Particularly in the case of processes with a large number of tenders, automatic opening and verification of supplier suitability will significantly speed up the handling process.