Hansel in brief

Hansel is the government's central purchasing body

Our purpose is to reduce public expenditure by increasing productivity in central government procurement. We seek to drive and develop central government purchasing.

We invite tenders for products and services, establish framework agreements based on the tendered items, and offer tender consultancy services to our customers.

We are a state-owned non-profit limited company, which acts as the government's central purchasing body. We finance our operations through service fees, paid by our suppliers based on the value of purchases. Currently, the maximum service fee that can be charged is 1.5 per cent of the contract value.

Our operations are governed by the Hansel Act, which lays down provisions on our duties and customers.

Who can become a Hansel customer?

We provide our customers with safe and easy procurement. We simplify the complex and we account for responsibility aspects in our framework agreements.

Our customers include:

  • Central government agencies and bodies

  • Unincorporated government enterprises

  • Off-budget funds

  • Universities

  • The Finnish Parliament, and units operating under the mandate and supervision of and associated to Parliament

Our services can also be accessed by certain bodies governed by public law and controlled by the Finnish government. The European Chemicals Agency can access Hansel's services.

Who can become a Hansel supplier?

We promote a functioning market and equal treatment of suppliers. We seek to offer as many companies the opportunity to become a central government supplier as possible.

All suppliers of goods and services are entitled to participate in the competitive tenders we carry out. We select the suppliers for our framework agreements based on the competitive tendering process.